Some of our Favourite Photos

Four girls Four eight year olds on their way to school.

Songkhran Songkhran in Phuket 2006.

Songkhran2 Songkhran (Thai New Year) 2006.

Penang boatboy Penang boat boy.

Tsunami boats Cape Pakarang Boat Building yard (to replace longtails wrecked during the tsunami).

Chiang Mai vendor Anyone want to buy a Chiang Mai frog?

Longtails Longtails at Koh Lanta. Processed rubber Processed rubber hanging out to dry.

basket weaving Weaving fish traps, northern Thailand.

basket weaving2 Weaving rice steamers, north east Thailand.

paper lantern Sending up a paper lantern, Phuket.

Ranong longtails Spoilt for choice of longtails to Burma, Ranong, Thailand border.

Fish traps Weaving wire netting for fish traps, Rawai, Phuket.

Chebilang slipway Chebilang slipway, Satun.

lady Vietnamese embroiderer.

minke whale Minke whale near Lizard Island, Australia.

3 on a bike Typical familytransport in Thailand. Note the cane baby seat in front - sold everywhere for this purpose.

dolphins Dolphins we saw on the way back from the Surin Islands west of Phuket.

Koh Tarutao Philip pulling us through the crocodile cave by raft at Koh Tarutao in southern Thailand.

slipway satun Three lady painters.

materials pt dickson Fabric shop at Port Dickson, Malaysia.

flopper stoppers Philip scraping barnacles off the stabilisers, Ao Chalong.

lanterns Lantern shop in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Thai massage Thai massage chamber.

Thai silk weaving Thai silk weaving, north eastern Thailand.

boat Vietnamese boat, Hue.

Tsunami boat2 Fishing boat washed into the village by the tsunami - now a permanent fixture.

electric wires You can't be too careful when working on high voltage electricity wires.

ao chalong The wreck in the middle of the anchorage at Ao Chalong (low tide). Eventually it disappeared after lots of letters, phonecalls and photos from Philip.

Ranong monks Two young monks waiting for a longtail boat at Ranong, Thailand.

lizards Herbal Remedy shop, Vietnam.


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